Sunday, 28 May 2017

Puppet Making Workshop on Tuesday May 30th

This week the Grade 1 classes will be participating in a wonderful puppet making workshop by the folks from 'Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre' which is an Ottawa-based company.  We are looking forward to creating our puppets this coming Tuesday afternoon!
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Learning Commons Closed This Week and Next Week!

Due to EQAO testing taking place in the Learning Commons, we will NOT be checking out books both this week and next Wednesday, May 31st. This also means that we will leave our stuffies at home next week.

Plastic Bag Collection So Far.....

As of today, our grade 1 class has collected over 180 plastic bags!  Way to go! Thank you for bundling them in groups of 10 in advance! THe plastic bag grab challenge continues until June 2nd so keep bringing them in!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Reminder to bring in a piece of 'Treasure'

Each student was asked to bring a piece of 'treasure' tomorrow which must fit in the paper bag that they decorated in class today.  We will be continuing with our writing lesson in which we explored the idea that writers often write about things that are "near and dear to their hearts." It will be very interesting to see which items of 'treasure' the children bring in and choose to write about!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Yearbooks are available for purchase via Cash-Online for $20.00

We have a 'Plastic Bag Grab Challenge' at Georges Vanier! We are trying to raise environmental awareness about the problem of plastic bags in landfills. We are collecting any plastic bags (shopping bags only) that you may already have at home. We remind students and families to only donate bags that they already have (do not go out to stores and get them in order to win the challenge). You can ask your neighbours and friends to donate as well!
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Check out our Chicks!

The excitement in grade one for the arrival of our chicks began to build on the Friday, April 28th, when we prepared our eggs for hatching by removing them from the egg turner, adding moist sponges and water to the troughs.

'Hatching Day' was Monday, May 1st - just in time for the beginning of Catholic Education Week. When we arrived at school that morning, little cheeps could be heard from inside the incubators!
We took a peek and this is what we saw:

The cheeping and movement of the live chicks in the incubator helped to encourage the other chicks to hatch and by the end of Tuesday we had over 30 healthy, live chicks from all of the grade one classes combined! The children were very excited to finally meet the chicks and see the wide variety of colours (black, white, yellow, grey,). Once the chicks were fully dried off and rested, they were moved to the 'Brooder' where there was fresh water, food, and the warmth of heat lamps and heating pads.

Finally the students were each given the opportunity to hold a baby chick (after they had a couple of days to recuperate from their hatching). They learned the importance of a quiet voice and how to gently hold the chicks while keeping them safe.  They were utterly thrilled!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Grade Ones Are Hatching Chicks!

All three Grade One classes have chicken eggs in our incubators. We are hoping they will hatch on April 30th-May 2nd.  We have been learning about the incubator, the egg turner, different types of chickens, and parts of a chicken. Every few days we candle a few eggs with the ovascope which shows the children how the embryo is growing inside the egg. Yesterday, we saw blood vessels. We also learned about natural selection as one of the eggs had no blood vessels, meaning it was no longer viable. It had to be removed from the incubator. Today we will learn about other animals who lay eggs. It is an EGGS-ITING time in Grade 1!!