Sunday, 17 September 2017

Week of September 18th - 22nd

Week of September 18th - 22nd

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, September 21st is Open House.
BBQ from 5-6 and classroom visits from 6-7. Come and have your child show you around our Grade 1 classroom.

Wednesday and Friday are Gym days!

Class Visits on Thursdays to Learning Commons coming soon - stay tuned!

Our Week in Review:

Last week we continued to work on establishing rules and routines in our classroom. Our read alouds are focusing on The Golden Rule, and how we can respect ourselves, others, materials and our environment (SOME). 

We started "Weekly Words". Ask your child how to read them using different voices (i.e. opera, angry...). We will be starting our 'Read Across Canada', a nightly reading incentive program September 25th.

In Math, we begun on Number (1-20) and  Patterning (repeated sequence of colour, shape, word, picture, number) through guided exploration. Some ideas to help you practice these concepts with your child:

- count by 1s to 20 using dried beans, beads or other objects of interest to your child
- conservation of number: show your child 6 objects ordered as pictured below. Which has more? Your child should count each set and determine they have the same amount.
Set of 6 counters spread out
Set of 6 counters bunched together
- match the written number to the number of objects
- make a pattern with beads, colours, buttons

In Science, we have begun a Tree Inquiry and have selected two trees from our yard. We will be documenting the changes throughout the school year. We are talking about our weather and current season during Calendar time. We are also collecting items from our natural world for our Discovery Table. 

In Language, we are focusing on Oral Communication. We are learning to listen with our "Whole Body" - eyes on speaker, ears open and ready, bodies still. Ask your child one of the signals we use in Gym class to STOP (i.e. BE A TREE). We are reading our Weekly Words and identifying their common sounds. This week's words focus on the short "i" sound.
Week 2
Sound: short i
Words: is him big will it little      into      did     in

In Gym, we are focusing on following safety rules and playing games involving Space Awareness. Ask your child how to play "Party On, Party Off".

In Religion, we are learning about following the Golden Rule, and acting as Jesus would. We are learning our prayer before eating. Ask your child if they can recite it to you!

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 21st!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

'Words of the Week' Begins!

Image result for words of the weekEach week the students will be given a new list of words to practise and learn (see attached list).  The words are grouped according to their common  sounds (i.e. vowel sounds, beginning blends, etc.). We will introduce the words in class and your child will write them in his/her agenda where it says 'Word List.'  From time to time, you may see 'Review Week' where the word list should be. This just means that we are taking a week off from learning new words in order to review what we have already covered.

We do ask that you review the weekly words at home with your child in order to build high frequency word recognition and overall language fluency.  We assess their recognition of the words on a monthly basis. They are NOT expected to be able to spell the words - just read and decode them. Reviewing 'Words of the Week' should fun for both you and your child.  We do not suggest spending any more that 10-15 minutes at a time practising the words/playing games with the words. We also understand how busy life can be and that it isn't always possible to practise the words each day!  You will have to work out your own system at home for supporting this important learning initiative.

Some suggested activities that you could do with your child at home are:

-write the words on a recipe card/flash card and build your set of cards
-have your child identify the beginning blends/vowel sounds in the words
-have your child orally use the words in a sentence

Words of the Week

Week 1
Sound: short a
Words:   a at an ran call can as was ask

Week 2
Sound: short i
Words: is him big will it little      into      did     in

Week 3
Sound: short e
Words: let tell then    when     well red get   went     yes

Week 4
Sound: short o
Words: of on not hot off top stop   upon     God

Week 5
Sound: short u
Words: jump     run     must    under cut    but    much    fun up

Week 6
Sound: sh
Words: she fish    push      wash   shop short      wish

Week 7
Sound: ch
Words: which    watch   chair     such    church    teacher     chin

Week 8
Sound: th
Words: the think there they    them thank     that    this

Week 9
Sound: ee
Words: be me we need    been tree   see keep

Week 10
Sound: er
Words: after     her every   very over   paper    under

Week 11
Sound: ar
Words: car are far hard    part   star     start     apart      art

Week 12
Sound: 3 sounds of y
Words: buy  by fly my your   you yellow story any    many

Week 13
Sound: oo
Words:    book   look    cook      good     food     soon too     took    cool

Week 14
Sound: qu
Words: quarter quick queen quilt    quiet    square

Week 15
Sound: ow, ou
Words:   around   down   out    our    found  now   how    own   grow   would

Week 16
Sound: ay, ai, a_e
Words:   play make ate    train     always     away    say    have    came    may   

Week 17
Sound: oy, oi
Words: coin boy toy point     boil     joy      choice     noise

Week 18
Sound: oe, oa, o_e, ow
Words: toe coat    boat   open    close home     low    blow     snow

Week 19
Sound: ie, igh, i_e, y
Words: like ride   fly why light    white    cry     line   tie    high

Week 20
Sound: u_e, ew, ue, ui
Words: new cube  use   fruit    blue   few    true grew

Week 21
Sound: ee, ea, y, e_e
Words: here   hear  eat read   only  easy   many happy even     mean
Week 22
Sound: long vowels review
Words: here   open    take    came gave   each     time

Week 23
Sound: er, ir, ur
Words: hurt    turn     first air girl were bird letter


Week 24
Words:   go    do    or    does    has    once    for   give    sit    am

Week 25
Words:     so    his    one   to    no    what    he    all    saw    four    two

Week 26
Words:    want     said    kind   who   got   brown    where   put   find  
Week 27
Words:   funny    if   six  please   round   cold   five   people

Week 28
Words:   goes    green   pull    done     fall    far    full   ten

Sunday, 10 September 2017

This Week in Grade 1


Thank you parents for sending in Tech agreement forms and Contact Information/Information about your child forms!

One more form went home Friday, September 8th: Student Verification Forms. Please take the time to verify that all information on the form is correct, then sign and return it to the school. This will help our office staff update all information. Thank you!

Ask your children to tell you about the book "Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes that we read last week. Ask them what the message was and the promise we made in our classroom community.


We have GYM on Wednesday and Fridays. Please ensure that your child is wearing proper gym shoes that they can be active in. 

Ask your child what one of our STOP signals are!


We will have Library on Thursdays. Children will be able to check out 1 book per week. It will be due back the following Thursday. Stay tuned for the Opening Date!  

Image result for childrens library - free image

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. Have a great week!

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Image result for water bottle

Just a reminder that students are to bring in water bottles as we are not able to drink the water from our sink. They may keep their water bottles at their tables all day. We will send them to refill at the water fountain if necessary. 

Please keep the tech permission forms and information sheets about your child coming in!

Thank you!

Ms. Damiano & Mrs. Stratford

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

First Day Jitter Critters!

What a wonderful first day in Grade 1!  We spent today getting to know each other and orientating ourselves in the new classroom environment. We read the book 'First Grade Jitters' by Robert Quackenbush. After the read aloud, the students shared the feelings jitters they had about starting grade 1. Then they used playdoh to create their own little 'Jitter Critters!'

Monday, 4 September 2017

Welcome to Grade 1!

Image result for photos of welcome to grade 1

Welcome to Grade 1 with Ms. Damiano and Mrs. Stratford! This blog will be the place to find out what is going on in your child's class and in Grade 1. We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide engaging learning experiences for our Grade 1 students.

On the first day of school, your children will be bringing home their agendas. Please take a moment to read the Welcome letter and complete the form that will help us get to know your child, and contact you if needed.  

Thank you! 

Ms. Damiano & Mrs. Stratford

Welcome Letter